Ramen King (feat. Chaos Jigsaw & Bridget Gallagher)

from by Mattu

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The last track ‘Ramen King’ is a total meltdown, of both emotion, describing the moments you start realising that the once, very real prospect of a relationship, is no longer as real, which is represented in both the music and the lyrics. Fumbling through different styles and ending with a climax of riffing guitar and heavy drums.
The spoken word at the end of this song, is directly related to the foreshadowing of the first song, but from the opposite point of view, bringing the EP round full circle.


Chaos Jigsaw -
Why'd I have to go & like, such a vice.
Always acting impulsive & never thinking em twice,
I can't help but see premonitions of you & I
but one minute we be lovers and next you never reply.
And even on the basis on other prior advise,
i can't help but humour mazes for cheese like laboratory mice.
Nice way to leave the aqueduct,
emotionally I'm packing up,
and never trailing back cause your actions making me mad as fuck.
Don’t wanna be strung along
Don’t wanna be the hungered one
ever time you serve it up its murderous the ramens gone,
so you just play your sorry song, one on one.
Then you stand in front of me & host more fiction than comic-con.
Once gone I'm armed & tryna get some refuged,
in a stressed mood,
seeing red cause my heads screwed,
been glued & screwed while dabbing in this wrecked ruse,
in direct feud with the spark, let me let loose.

I heart you, no,
you heart you,
we scarred the truth into recluse
and now should we choose to reboot,
will certainly be lacking the necessary of fruits,
when retro sparingly looked its probably rarely cooked
with champagne flutes & prada leathery boots.
i've had a shoot as various small pursuits but in the chasms of my memories I'm swilling on thoughts of you, the waterfall is true but i thought you already knew
Cause you don't gotta be sherlock holmes to see that I'm dropping clues girl
a new world, while the dune hurls
and i just sit on top of the drop waiting the moon swirl, it soon curls,
we're forever more,
place down scrabbling its jig-saw.

Bridget Gallagher -
You’re staring into my eyes
You’ve been here a couple times
You drown your sight into your drink
With tensed hands and shaking lips

You’ve been here before
Holding onto a glass
Like on a cliff
Trying to avoid the fall
But when you first saw me,
you’d already fallen.

You’re waiting for the impact
And the liquid swallows you while you swallow it.

Drowning your thoughts
In the now hollow bottle

If you had one wish it would be me
I am the cure
The cause
The issue

And all you want to say is
Let's try it again
But I don't wanna hear such thing

So you stay you
And I stay I
Without any together
And I guess we'll be alright
I guess I'll be alright


from Söulfull EP, released February 5, 2016
Produced by Mattu.
Lyrics by Chaos Jigsaw.
Spoken Word Lyrics by Max Müller.
Vocals by Ruth Lockwood, Chaos Jigsaw, & Bridget Gallagher.



all rights reserved


Mattu Manchester, UK

Mattu is an electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist from the North West of England, with a rich cultural background stemming from France and South Africa. His strengths lie in his eclectic mix of sounds and sporadic changes making for a fresh take on IDM. Through his years as a musician, he draws influence from hardcore, experimental, hip-hop and underground culture. ... more

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